Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dinner on Day 5

So I've basically been eating soup the past few days: a concoction of veggie stock, green cabbage, red bell peppers, and baby bella mushrooms. Sprinkle on a little nutritional yeast and you've got yourself a tasty, filling meal.

What you see on the right, however, is a curry-spiced soy chorizo (props to Trader Joe's for that stuff!) with garlic and green bell peppers. I'm not so good with recipes, so it's kind of a "dump stuff in pot, add some spices, see if it tastes good" deal. . .and success! It's a little spicy, but with a glass of soy milk it's a good kick.

As a side, I blanched and roasted some brussels sprouts. The brown stuff on them is worcestershire sauce, and they're also topped with basil and lemon pepper. I was experimenting, but they turned out pretty good! Now I have leftovers for the next couple of days until it's time to cook again.

Disclaimer: Yes, I am well aware that worcestershire sauce is not vegan (it has anchovies for those wondering). Yes, I've decided I can live with that. Also, I don't hold myself out to be a chef of any kind-- just someone who likes to experiment with food and spices.

Now all I need to do is the dishes. . .bummer.


  1. You can find vegetarian Worcestershire sauce at Whole Foods, I believe. Back when I was vegan, I had some so I know it exists.

  2. Awesome! I love Brussels sprouts! :) mmm...maybe I should try this vegan thing out. Not as a lenten thing...but like a 3-4 days a week to cut back on my meat intake. Whey protein is vegan, right? Sometimes I add that in with a fruit smoothie for a little extra protein boost. Vanilla and banana is delicious, just as strawberry and chocolate are too.

  3. Whey comes from cow's milk, so it is not vegan. Pea protein is vegan, as well as hemp protein.

    And I agree about the worcestershire sauce, there are vegan versions. But you just started on your journey & using up what you got is a good start. It's better to not waste, I say. But if you plan on staying vegan, I would invest in some things eventually.

  4. Yay for interesting dinner ideas!
    Please will you lighten the background for your text? Black on chocolate brown is making me squint.